IB Diploma – Teacher Notes

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We are pleased to release teacher notes to support our new IB Diploma Mathematics publications.

These notes provide Chapter summaries for each book, including:

  • the syllabus reference corresponding to material in the chapter
  • explanation of choices we made while writing
  • description of revision material which can be skipped through faster
  • description of investigations and activities of particular note, including those only available online
  • material in the Core Topics books which is relevant to one course only, but which logically had to be placed where it has been.

The summary notes for each course can be found using the following links:

  Mathematics: Core Topics SL
  Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches SL
  Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation SL
  Mathematics: Core Topics HL
  Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches HL
  Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation HL

For any product samples, or to ask questions, please email us at IB@haesemathematics.com.au