Our New IB PYP Series


Our new IB PYP series has been specifically written for students in the IB Primary Years Programme (IB PYP), balancing mathematical foundations with PYP elements, in an engaging, comprehensive, and international approach. For PYP 1 to 4 we have produced student Write-on Workbooks which provide a record of the work and learning throughout the year. The material is presented in a clear, age-appropriate style which is appealing to students, and encourages long-term skill development.

To aid the transition towards MYP and acknowledge student abilities, we transition to a textbook for our PYP 5 / MYP 0 text. Completing the PYP learning continuums, and promoting increased student independence, the text sets students up for success in MYP and beyond.

While tailored for the IB PYP, these resources are adaptable and beneficial for students worldwide.

All of our PYP publications come with 12 months of digital access through the Snowflake online learning platform. Students can simply click on the in-text icons to obtain interactive features including games, printable worksheets, and further learning tools.

We have also published digital Teacher Resources to complement the use of our PYP series in classrooms. They contain comprehensive teaching notes, additional content, answers (for PYP 1 to 4), and tailored PYP support to accompany the student books.

To explore how we approach the learner’s journey through this series, we invite you to click the link below for sample access to our chapters on Subtraction from PYP 1 to PYP 5, alongside the accompanying Teacher Resource chapters https://snowflake.haesemathematics.com.au/sample_requests/new?source=ibpyp-sub-sample

Books are expected to arrive into warehouses in late August.

Pre-orders can be made here https://www.haesemathematics.com/international-baccalaureate-ib