Snowflake Online Learning

Snowflake Online Learning

Snowflake is our online digital platform. It has been designed as an interactive space for students and educators to view and engage with our mathematics textbooks and software.

The features, practices, and principles that Haese Mathematics believes are instrumental in education, and the feedback we receive from students, teachers, and educational institutions, have been instrumental in the development of Snowflake.

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Snowflake provides a variety of features for both students and educators.

You will find all of the familiar content and software previously provided on our textbook CDs, plus additional support materials all in the one location.

For students:

  • A Digital Reader whereby students can quickly and easily access a digital version of their purchased, or school assigned, textbook. The Digital Reader is easy to navigate whilst maintaining our student friendly approach.
  • A Digital Textbook which mimics the printed book for quick reference.
  • The full range of interactive software which is still accessible via links located throughout the Digital Textbook.

For educators:

In addition to the Digital Textbook and associated software, there are a number of additional features and materials available to educators for teaching and administrative purposes.

  • Schools can manage online subscriptions with ease, and can assign subscriptions to both students and teachers.
  • Educators will have access to extra support materials relevant to the programmes they teach and the products they have purchased, for example, Scope & Sequence documents.


Interactive software

Textbooks viewed on Snowflake include where relevant:

  • Printable worksheets, activities, and games.
  • Printable graphics calculator instructions.
  • Self Tutor – animations for every worked example explained step by step with a teacher's voice.
  • Graphing package – software capable of graphing many types of functions.
  • Statistics package – software that can quickly generate frequency tables, histograms, box plots, and 5 number summaries.
  • Geometry package – interactive demonstrations that explain geometric principles and conclusions.


Software updates and IT Support

Users have immediate access to content and software updates. A simple notification informs users of any changes that have been made to their purchased content. Online users are not required to download any updates or perform any installation themselves.

In addition to the Help section provided within Snowflake, users can contact our IT support team with any queries they may have.


Our Digital Textbooks are compatible with a range of devices (PC, Mac, iPad, Android)

All of our interactive software is accessible and usable on PC and Mac. Due to developmental restrictions on the iPad, our interactive software is not compatible with this device. The iPad can be used as a Digital Reader only. While we do not currently support interactive resources on Android devices, they can still be used to read our Digital Textbooks.



Students can access the textbook from anywhere. The included applets, GDC instructions and self-tutor tutor loads directly in the browser which eliminates the need for files.

It is easy for the teacher as well to assign and unassign textbooks to students.

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