Shipping Information

For both domestic and international delivery, we are fortunate to have long standing relationships with several respected carriers. The price of the book does not include a freight component and needs to be calculated separately. We do not ‘weight’ our delivery prices with additional charges, we simply charge the customer what the carrier charges us.

By using our extensive knowledge of the international delivery networks, we will quote for the safest delivery method to your address. This may not always be the lowest priced delivery available. If you are not happy with the price quoted, please let us know and we will look again. Delivery with the lowest-priced carrier may not always be the safest to your region.

Delivery times quoted by our sales team are only an estimate based on the information passed to us by the carriers and through experience. Deliveries may be held up pending customs inspection, industrial or civil action, or weather-related events. If Haese Mathematics is advised by the carriers that disruption may occur or is occurring, we will inform you via email. Haese Mathematics is not responsible for shipping delays; it is out of our control and therefore we are not able to refund books based on a delivery delay alone. Delivery quoted is for door to door delivery.


Customers Preferred Carrier (from all warehouses)

If you choose to ship your order using your own freight account, please be aware that you do so at your own risk. You will need to supply us with your account name and number, and we will arrange for a collection to be made as soon as the books are packed. Our responsibility for the order ends when your carrier collects the order from our warehouse. Your carrier must flag any potential issues with the order before it is signed over to them (damaged boxes etc.). Any claims for damage in transit must be made by you to your carrier directly.

International Freight Forwarding services - Australia

We are happy to arrange delivery to your designated forwarder and will complete any paperwork they require to assist with onward delivery to your final destination. We will contact the forwarder before the shipment is packed to ensure we are able to provide the correct documentation. However, if they fail to give correct information, we will be limited with the assistance we can later provide. Our responsibility for your order ends when the delivery is handed over to your forwarder. Your forwarder must flag any concerns with us within 24 hours of delivery. Any claims for loss or damage in transit must be made to your forwarder.

International Freight Forwarding services – USA and Germany

Our US warehouse is primarily for orders dispatched to US customers. However we can deliver small orders (up to US$2000) to freight forwarding services. Because we do not have an office base in the US, we are unable to complete SLI or other export paperwork. Orders sent to forwarders are sent at your own risk and we cannot provide ongoing support after dispatch.

Our German warehouse is able to dispatch to most destinations but is unable to complete export documentation. If you require specific export documentation (Certificates of Origin, comprehensive packing lists), then we strongly recommend that your order is shipped from Australia. We are not able to supply export documents for orders leaving that warehouse and orders sent to freight forwarders are sent at your own risk.

For both warehouses, our responsibility for the consignment ends when the delivery is handed over to your forwarder. Any claims for loss or damage must be made to your forwarder.

Customer Collect

We are happy to release paid orders directly to the customer instead of arranging delivery. 

You must let us know when placing the order that you would like to do this to ensure that stock is available at the warehouse you wish to collect from
Our warehouse staff will telephone you to let you know that your order is ready for collection. They are not allowed to release orders without our advance authorization. They will give you the collection address.
Visitors must follow instructions from the warehouse staff at all times in order to remain safe. Failure to follow lawful instruction is at your own risk.
You must present identification or a copy of the invoice when collecting the order.
If your freight forwarder is collecting on your behalf, they must not attempt collection until they are notified that the order is ready. We will not tolerate harassment of our warehouse staff. Our responsibility for the order ends when the order is collected. Your forwarder must flag problems with cartons or pallets on collection. Claims for damage caused in transit to the final destination must be made to your forwarder.

Customs duties and taxes

Some countries will levy an import tax or duty on imports over a certain value. If you allow us to arrange shipping, orders will be delivered under the incoterm DAP (Delivered at Place – incoterms 2015). This means that we will pay the carrier for delivery to your door, and to assist with customs clearance, but import fees or duties are payable by the receiver. If you choose to collect or have your consignment delivered to your forwarder, the incoterm used will be EWX – our responsibility for onward delivery (including all fees, charges and insurance) is the responsibility of the customer.

Duties and taxes are not included in the shipping price as they are calculated locally and charged in the local currency. The recipient is responsible for the payment of duties and taxes locally. If the recipient chooses not to pay duties and taxes, the books may be destroyed by the customs authority of the receiving country or returned to Australia. If the books are returned to us, and you ask for a refund, we reserve the right to recoup any fees charged back to us by the carrier or customs authority before a refund is issued (please refer to our Returns Policy for further information).

In order for customs to make an accurate assessment of your import, we will enclose a true and correct invoice with all goods. This will include the cost of the goods, the cost of freight, discount (if applicable), terms of delivery and the Harmonised Tariff Code which is recognisable by customs services worldwide. This information will also be included on a customs declaration. We will not falsify invoices, send dummy or doctored invoices, remove details, or make a false declaration under any circumstances. It is a criminal offense to make a false customs declaration and penalties are severe.

Import restrictions and required permits.

Haese Mathematics is aware that some countries require additional paperwork, import permits, or have import limits on certain goods. If additional paperwork is required before export, we will let you know the cost involved on the invoice. If you chose to not include the paperwork, the order is sent at your own risk and it is unlikely that we can assist with a customs dispute. Some carriers will not allow consignments to travel if export paperwork or import codes are missing. If you are aware that you require an import permit or if certain wording is required on your invoice in order to assist customs, please let Haese Mathematics know during the ordering process and we will work with you. If you fail to inform us of any restrictions, the after-ship support we are able to offer is extremely limited. You also risk return or destruction of your consignment.