Australian Curriculum

The Australian Curriculum sets consistent national standards to improve learning outcomes for all young Australians. Our "Mathematics for Australia" series has been produced to cover the content descriptions and achievement standards outlined by the curriculum as students progress through school.

Within the resources, important information and key notes are highlighted, while worked examples provide step-by-step instructions with concise and relevant explanations. Discussions, Activities, Investigations, Puzzles, and Research exercises are used throughout the chapters to develop understanding, problem-solving, and reasoning, within an interactive environment.  

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Mathematics for Australia Senior Years

We have produced a series of textbooks for the “Mathematics for Australia” Senior Secondary Curriculum, for students in Years 11 and 12. There are four courses to choose from : Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, General Mathematics, and Essential Mathematics.

The books address the content outlined in the ACARA Australian Senior Secondary Curriculum, as well as the SACE Stage 1 and 2 subject outlines. Chapter summaries are available on each book's webpage. The books progress logically from our Years 4-10A series of Australian Curriculum textbooks.