About the Book

Mathematics for Australia 4 (2nd Edition) Teacher Resource has been written to accompany our Mathematics for Australia 4 (2nd Edition) Write-on Workbook. The digital resource provides the workbook content and its online interactive material along with ideas, hints, additional activities, and answers to accompany the student content. Each page is split in half to show a page from the student workbook simultaneously with the additional educator support. 

Answers are clearly labelled in pink, while comments are colour coded to specify their nature. The "notes" feature on Snowflake, allows notes to be left on specific pages for future reference. The Teacher Resouce is designed to support teachers, assistants, and home-schooling parents in guiding students to make the most of their learning experience. 

We have endeavoured to provide a stimulating workbook and helpful Teacher Resource. Our aim is to develop and encourage student understanding, and teacher confidence, and to grow an appreciation and love for mathematics.

Please note that this Teacher Resource does not align with the First Edition Mathematics for Australia 4 publication. 

Year Published: 2023
Page Count: 300
Online ISBN: 978-1-922416-62-9 (9781922416629)