Publication FAQs

Is the online book a PDF?

The digital products are NOT PDF files and PDF files of our books will not be given out under any circumstances. This is to protect our intellectual property.

Is the digital book printable?

Apart from indicated worksheets and printable activities, the digital products are not printable.

How is the new MYP series different from the previous series?

The major changes to the MYP series of textbooks have been summarised here.

Can the IB Mathematics HL textbook be used to teach Mathematics SL classes?

Yes, we have produced a document which outlines the sections of the HL textbook which can be omitted for the SL course. It can be found here.

Note that:

  • Linear Modelling (SL Topic 5.4) is not included in the HL textbook, but is available on our website as a sample chapter for the SL textbook
  • Cumulative Frequency (SL Topic 5.3) is covered in the Background Knowledge Statistics chapter on the CD.

Can I see how the textbook addresses the syllabus requirements?

For our IB Diploma Programme textbooks, syllabus references are given on the front page of each chapter.

For our IB Middle Years Programme textbooks and our Australian Curriculum textbooks, we have produced a Scope and Sequence document, which outlines the content which is covered in each textbook.

The MYP series Scope and Sequence document can be found here.

The Australian Curriculum Scope and Sequence documents can be found here for years 4 to 7, and here for years 7 to 10A.

Do you provide answer keys for Investigations or MYP Global Contexts?

We do not provide answer keys for Investigations or MYP Global Contexts. Many of the questions are quite open-ended, with no single right or wrong answer. We feel that providing answer keys would imply there is a single correct answer to the questions, which is not the case for many of the questions.

Online Ordering FAQs

Why am I not able to pay for my order online?

If placing an order for digital books, you selected the "direct debit" option, we will contact you with a quote and to provide details of our banking information so you can complete payment.


If your order includes printed books, we calculate freight charges individually for each order to ensure you receive the best price for delivery. We will contact you with a quote once we have determined the best delivery option.

I am a bookstore and have previously received discount. Can I order through the website?

Yes you can. If you know your Haese Mathematics account code, you will be able to enter this during the ordering process and your discount will be applied. If you do not know your account code, please contact info@haesemathematics.com.au and we will send it through to you.


You can also continue and place your order online - we should be able to match the name of your bookstore with your account code.

I am a bookstore but I have not ordered from you before. What is the best way to proceed?

We are able to offer a discount to bookstores, but if you have not ordered from us before, you will not have an account in our system. Please email your order to info@haesemathematics.com.au and our sales team will issue a quote and payment options. They will also email through your account code. As your details are now in the system, next time you will be able to complete your order online.

I am a school and need to use a purchase order. How should I proceed?

To process an order with a purchase order, please email your PO through to info@haesemathematics.com.au

If you are an Australian school, we will dispatch your order based on the PO.

If you are an overseas school, we generally require pre-payment. Our sales team will issue a quote and, once payment is received, we will arrange dispatch.

I am having problems tracing my package. Can you assist?

Tracking information is normally displayed on the carrier’s website within 48 hours of dispatch. Please wait at least 48 hours after expected dispatch for information to appear. If you are still not able to locate your tracking information, please email customer service at sales@haesemathematics.com.au with your name, address and invoice number. Our sales staff will look into the problem and locate your package. They will advise on any problems and how they were rectified.

I have a very large order to place. What should I do?

You are welcome to place your order through our website or, alternatively, email a copy of your order to our sales team at info@haesemathematics.com.au

Our sales team will provide a quote and will look for the most economical shipping company to use. We are able to access more shipping options through local agencies which include sea freight, international cargo or domestic linehaul services. You are welcome to pay using a credit card or by sending a bank transfer.

My book has not arrived. What do I do?

If your order was sent with International Airmail, delivery should take around 7-10 business days. After that, please check with your local post office as they may be holding the book for payment of duties and taxes. As international airmail is used at the customer's own risk and no tracking number is available, Haese Mathematics cannot help further. If the book is returned to us, we will let you know. It may also be worth checking with a neighbour or with the building office/gatehouse in case the order is waiting with them.

If you have used a courier, your tracking number will be able to tell you what is going on. If the book appears to be held in customs, please telephone the courier company directly who will be able to assist, or email customer service at sales@haesemathematics.com.au who will be able to trace your package. Taxes and duties will occasionally have to be paid for import.

For some carriers, the sales office receives notifications of delays or issues with shipments. We will contact you if this is the case for your order.

The book I received is not the one I ordered. What should I do?

Please email customer service at sales@haesemathematics.com.au with your invoice number and preferably a photograph of the book you have received. If you have indeed received the incorrect book, we will dispatch the correct book immediately and advise on what to do with the incorrect book. In this instance replacements will be made at the expense of Haese Mathematics.

How can I make payment via a bank transfer?

Our bank details are listed on the bottom of the quote.

Please note – as we are not based in Europe, we do not have an IBAN number. Banks will be able to accept our SWIFT number instead.

All payments must be paid in the same currency as the quote - either Australian dollars, US dollars or Euros.

The sender must cover all bank charges. Haese Mathematics reserves the right to ask for additional payment if bank charges have been levied.

I contacted customer service for a quote. Why haven’t I heard from them?

Our sales and customer service team will respond to emails within 24 hours, if not sooner, when mail is received during the working week. Email received over the weekend or public holiday will be answered on the next available business day. If you have sent an email over a public holiday, you will receive an out of office reply stating when we will return. Our business hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm (Adelaide, Australia).

Please check your junk/spam box as your email host may have filtered the reply as spam.

Try sending from a different email address as our spam filter may have blocked your email provider.

If you have still not heard from us, please call our office on +61 8 8210 4666.

If you are based overseas, due to time differences, it is probably best to send us an email to info@haesemathematics.com.au

The book I wish to order is out of stock. Can I place an order for delivery when it is available?

Please contact our sales team at info@haesemathematics.com.au

  1. We may have stock of the book at another location and may be able to ship from there. We will be able to provide a quote for delivery from that location.
  2. We will be able to create a back order for you. If you confirm you are happy with the quote, we will place the books on order and contact you when the book is due to arrive at the warehouse. Once payment is made, the book will be dispatched as soon as possible.
  3. Sometimes, once a book runs out, we will not reprint. Our customer service team will be able to advise if this is the case. In some instances out of print books are available in a digital format through our subscription model.

Snowflake FAQs

I get the error "Another copy of this program is currently performing an update task"

This error will appear if more than one copy of the program is running, and you try to perform an update task (such as downloading a book, a licence update, or a software upgrade) in both copies. In this case, please wait for the update task to complete in the other copy. The error can also appear when only one copy of the program is running if an update task was previously interrupted. In this case, you will need to delete the file that is telling the Snowflake offline system that an update is still running.


For Mac users:

1. Close the offline system if it is open
2. Open Finder
3. Open the 'Go' menu and choose 'Go to Folder...'
4. In the text box, enter: ~/.Haese Mathematics
5. Click 'Go'
6. Open the 'Snowflake offline system' folder
7. Delete the 'update.lock' file


For Windows users:
1. Close the offline system if it is open
2. Open the Start menu and choose 'Run'
3. In the text box, enter: %ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Haese Mathematics
- Note: on Windows XP, enter:
%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\Application Data\Haese Mathematics
4. Click 'OK'
5. Open the 'Snowflake offline system' folder
6. Delete the 'update.lock' file

I get the error "Could not write serial" when I try to generate the serial

This is more than likely a permission issue with Windows 7/8. Instead of double clicking to run Snowflake.exe, right click on the icon and select 'Run as administrator'. You should now be able to generate the serial.


What are the system requirements for the Student CDs included with your textbooks?

- Compatible with Windows XP and above.

- Compatible with Max OS X version 10.4.11 and above (except Mavericks).

- PDF files on the CD require a PDF reader such as Adobe Reader or Foxit to be installed.

- Some applications and demonstrations require Java 32-bit.

- Excel spreadsheets require Microsoft Excel to be installed.

NOTE: This information applies to books published or reprinted in 2012 or later.

There's no sound when I use Self Tutor.

The sound does work if the worked example is launched from the pdf for the book. It will also work if the example is launched directly from the directory contents\tutor\Demos on the CD.

However, depending on the operating system, a dll file may be required for sound to work through the Self Tutor application.
If you need to use this application with sound, you may do so by following the instructions below:

- Copy the folder contents\tutor from the CD to a local folder on your computer (let's say C:\)

- Create a folder within C:\tutor called Xtras

- Download this zip file and extract its contents to C:\tutor\Xtras

- Sound should now work if you run C:\tutor\Self Tutor.exe

If you require further assistance with this issue, you may contact info@haesemathematics.com.au.

I can't open Self Tutor or any demos from the PDF on my CD.

Some PDF readers such as Windows Reader (Windows 8) and certain versions of Adobe Reader forbid the use of external links, which can cause one of the following errors:


"Could not open the file '<filename>.exe'."
"You do not have the appropriate permissions required to perform this operation.
Contact your system administrator to obtain permission."


This issue can be solved by using an alternative PDF reader such as PDF-XChange Viewer (Windows) or Skim Reader (Mac). Also note that on Windows all Self Tutor examples can be launched by browsing the CD and opening contents/tutor/Self Tutor.exe. Similarly, all demos can be launched from contents/DemoBrowser.exe

Infinity FAQs

Will INFINITY work on Mac?

Currently INFINITY: Test and Homework Generator is only available for Windows. A cross platform version is currently under development, although we are unable to provide a release date.

Snowflake app

Which platforms is the app available for?

The app is currently available for iPad and Android tablets.

How do I get the app?

Navigate to the appropriate store (App Store on iPad, Play Store on Android). Search for "Haese" and install the app "Snowflake" by Haese Mathematics.

I've got the app. How do I use it?

  1. Open the app and sign in using your (online) Snowflake account details.
  2. After signing in, a list of your available books will appear. Tap on a book to activate it on that device. IMPORTANT NOTE: a book can only be activated for offline use ONCE and only on ONE device. You will still be able to view your books online.
  3. After activating, you can download the book. Be aware that some of the books are quite large (~500MB) and can take a while to download.
  4. Once a book is downloaded, you will be able to read it offline.

I logged in but why can't I see a book in the list?

Only books that you currently have a valid subscription for will appear in the list. In addition, only books whose subscriptions have been started will appear in this list. To start a subscription, log in to Snowflake (online), and click the book whose subscription you wish to start.

What happens if I remove the app from my device? Will I lose all my books?

On iPad, a book subscription is tied to the installation of the app. If you remove the app, any subscriptions already activated on your iPad will not be viewable offline.

On Android, you may safely remove/reinstall the app, but you will need to re-download your books.

Can I use the app on multiple devices?

Yes. You can use the app on multiple tablets using the same username. Please note however that a book may only be viewed offline on a single device.

Can I view a book offline on multiple devices?

No. Each book may only be viewed offline on a single device. Once a book is activated on a device, it becomes locked to that device.

Can I switch user on the same device?

Yes you can.

On iPad, tap the app menu button, followed by 'Licence information'. You should see the button 'Switch user' in the dialog that appears. Tap it to switch user.

On Android, tap the app menu button, followed by 'Sign out'. You can switch user by signing in again as the other user.

Furthermore, a book downloaded by one user is available to all users, provided a user has a valid subscription to view the book.

I received a new book after I installed the app. Why doesn't it appear in the app?

Every time a change is made to your list of available subscriptions, you will need to update your licence. This can be done by tapping 'Update licence' from the app menu on iPad or tapping the refresh button in the top-right corner on Android. Once you've done this, any new books should appear. Please note that only subscriptions that have been started will appear in the app.

How often do I need to update the app?

We highly recommend updating your app whenever prompted to do so. On both, iPad and Android, app updates are announced by the operating system whenever they become available. Follow the prompts to update the app.

Will I need to download my books again after an app update?

No. All books that have previously been downloaded will still be available after the update. In addition, all subscriptions that have been activated on the device will remain activated on that device.

If I'm using a book offline, how do I access updates made to the online version?

We try our best to incorporate updates to our offline books as soon as possible. The app should automatically notify you of book updates when they become available. Updating a book is the same process as downloading it for the first time. Please note that as a result, updating a book may take a while as some books are quite large (~500MB).