Announcing SMARTPREP Haese Mathematics IB Flash Cards

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SMARTPREP cards are now available to order, and will be dispatched from our German or US warehouse. Contact for further information and pricing.


SMARTPREP is a company founded by IB alumni who are passionate about effective learning. Our mission is to deliver smart study tools that offer students and teachers exceptional ways to organise and simplify their revision, stimulate creativity and bring confidence throughout the IB Diploma Programme: SMARTPREP IB Flash Cards.

With SMARTPREP IB Flash Cards you can access all your IB DP content, by subject, in a portable box. The flash cards provide a clear overview, diverse questions and answers, and can be re-organised to match your personal studying progress.

We are now proud to bring together our product with the experience of mathematics publications icon Haese Mathematics.
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“You can see that the authors have deep knowledge of the courses and help to prepare students thoroughly, ensuring that nothing is missed. Revision can be a social activity, independent and fun!”

Malcolm Nicolson | Head of IB MYP Development 2007 - 2012

Head of IB DP Development 2012 – 2015


About SMARTPREP Haese Mathematics IB Flash Cards

SMARTPREP products comply with our three-part philosophy: They have a smart application, support organisation and increase efficiency.

The format is perfectly suited to class and independent study, and it can promote students to work as a team. The broad array of types of questions and answers (i.e. text, tables and diagrams), allow the flash cards to adapt to the nature of the content and not the other way around.

Separate the cards, line them up next to each other, reorganise them – SMARTPREP Haese Mathematics IB Flash Cards allow learners to make links and connections with ease. Always equipped with tab and progress cards, you can choose to organise along the official IB DP syllabus or your studying progress.

SMARTPREP IB Flash Cards allow students to start studying immediately. The comprehensive yet focused questions and answers narrow down the content to a manageable scope.


Product features

  • The flash cards cover all six topics of the official 2014 IB Mathematics HL Core syllabus.
  • Each sub-topic begins with a summary highlighting important facts and concepts.
  • An entirely new set of skill builder and exam-style questions follows each summary, including worked solutions designed to prepare students for exams throughout both years of the Diploma Programme.
  • Each question is marked as Calculator or Non-calculator.

While designing the product, our aim was to create a tool that lets students better target their revision work. The result is a combination of theory cards that provide concise summaries of key information and question cards that cover the fundamental skills of the HL course.”

Michael Haese, Haese Mathematics


You can order these Flash Cards here.