IB Diploma Syllabus Update

To our valued customers,

Over the last few months, we have received many emails from new and existing customers looking for information about textbooks to match with the changes to the Diploma Programme Mathematics syllabus which will roll out mid 2019 (first examination in May 2021).

I can confirm that we have started production on 6 new titles:

  • Core Topics SL
  • Analysis & Approaches SL
  • Applications & Interpretation SL
  • Core Topics HL
  • Analysis & Approaches HL
  • Applications & Interpretation HL

Students studying either SL or HL would use two books: ‘Core Topics’ and ‘Analysis & Approaches’, or ‘Core Topics’ and ‘Applications & Interpretation’.

We are choosing to write in this way so that:

  • The courses can be thoroughly covered while keeping the books reasonably sized.
  • All students in SL (and analogous in HL) can start together, and potentially delay making a final choice of course.
  • The Core Topics HL book can have less easier questions and significantly more tougher questions than its SL counterpart.

Until last week, the only document available to us was the April 2017 curriculum review. We have now seen the May 2018 final report and are writing to it as fast as we can. We still have some queries regarding course content which likely will not be answered until the final syllabus release in February 2019. However, we aim to release a draft table of contents in September 2018, to be followed by draft books online in November 2018. Final books should be available online from April 2019, and in print in July 2019.

We understand that not being able to view the new books in advance is an inconvenience to teachers, but we respectfully ask for your patience. It has been impossible for us to progress further without course information. As always, our aim is to produce the highest possible quality material for your students, and quality takes time.

While we have been waiting, we have been making improvements to our online platform, Snowflake, including:

  • enhancements to the viewer to make navigation easier,
  • significant improvements to our software to avoid file downloads and provide multi-platform support,
  • improving the mathematical accuracy, usability, and targeting of learning outcomes.

We will next be working on the institution management page to make it much simpler to buy electronic licences and allocate them to students.

If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive notification when advance previews are ready, please email me at philippa@haesemathematics.com

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me directly.


Assistant Manager
Haese Mathematics