Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades

Over the next 12 months, we will be making significant upgrades to our software. 

When we first launched our online platform (Snowflake) in 2014, software from our CDs was moved directly onto the platform, in order to make the platform operational as soon as possible.  While functional, it is often inefficient in terms of requiring downloaded files.  We will therefore be upgrading all of our software including our graphing, statistics, and geometry packages, and most of the interactive demonstrations.

The upgrades on the online platform will occur seamlessly, without interruption to digital access.  They will greatly improve our platform and enhance user experience.  We will then incorporate the upgraded software into the offline readers we have available for PC, Mac, iPad and Android. 

We appreciate your support and feedback on our online platform, and will continue in our endeavour to provide the highest quality educational technology and resources to our customers.

Michael Haese