Analysis & Approaches SL Revision Guide Available


We are pleased to announce that the first of 4 Revision Guides for the IB Diploma level courses has been released. The Analysis and Approaches SL book contains revision material for each chapter as well as trial exams, to support students throughout the course of their studies and leading up to final exams.

Each digital book contains a summary of the contents within each subject, additional questions, mixed question sets combining content from across the syllabus, and finally, 4 trial exams contributed by current IB Diploma level teachers from across the world. Fully worked solutions are included along with mark schemes for the trial exams, allowing teachers and students to monitor progress. The text is offered in a digital-only format, ready to be purchased and accessed instantly through our website. Please read more here.

Revision guides for the remaining subjects are due to be released in the coming months, providing a valuable resource for students and teachers as they prepare for the first examination period of the new curriculum. While the chapters of the revision guide map onto the chapters of the corresponding Haese Mathematics book, the Revision Guide can be used to support students no matter which textbook is being used.