Preview our Draft SL Books

2018 10 ib%20sl%20preview

The digital previews of our draft SL books for the new IB Diploma mathematics courses are now available to view.  More details about the new SL books can be found here.

We have used the May 2018 information release to draft the books.  Please note that we cannot finalise content until early in 2019 when the final syllabus is released to everyone.  The books have been developed independently from and are not endorsed by the International Baccalaureate Organization.

We have prepared a short series of videos with our commentary about the new SL and HL books.  The videos can be viewed here.  Please note that we present our own thoughts on the courses, preparing students for them, and teaching them. We are completely independent from the IBO.

If you would like to view the draft SL books, receive updates on the new books, and access to the HL drafts when they are available, please email