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The new school year is fast approaching.  We have a range of resources available to help you in the new school year.

Homework Books for Years 5-10

An excellent resource that helps students develop and improve skills which they have learnt in class.

  • A4 write-on book
  • Questions arranged by textbook chapter
  • Reminders of key facts
  • Homework diary
  • Removable answers for teachers

Click here or email our customer service team to place your order. 

Worked Solutions for Years 7-12

An excellent resource that contains the fully worked solutions for every question in the textbook.

  • Perfect for struggling or absent students
  • Ideal for advanced students working ahead
  • Helpful teacher resource

The Years 7-10A worked solutions are available as printed books and the Years 11-12 worked solutions are available as digital books.  Click here or email our customer service team to place your order.

Textbook Bundles

Books in the Mathematics for Australia series can be purchased on their own or as a discounted bundle.  Bundles are available for Years 5-10A.  Click here or email our customer service team to place your order.

Teacher Resources

Scope and Sequence:

Documents for our Mathematics for Australia series (Years 4-10A) are available for free download from our website.  The documents are divided into topic/strands and, for each subtopic, the document details the content that is covered in each textbook.

Chapter Summaries:

Our Mathematics for Australia 11 and 12 textbooks have been written for the Australian Curriculum.  These textbooks cover the ACARA, SACE and WACE curriculums and we have produced detailed chapter summaries to show sections which may be omitted by students following each curriculum.  These documents are available as free downloads from our website and can be found on the ‘About the Book’ page for each Year 11 and 12 textbook.

Free Textbook Trial:

Teachers interested in a free 4 month online trial of any of our textbooks are invited to contact our customer service team by emailing