MAWA Secondary Convention/ HOLA Forum

The combined MAWA Secondary Convention and HOLA Forum day will run from 20 – 22 November.

The focus this year is on mathematics being inclusive and accessible to all. The theme ‘Everything counts. Everyone counts.’ highlights that every student is important and can engage with mathematics regardless of ability.

We will be exhibiting our latest publications, including the complete range of Year 11 and 12 textbooks written for the ACARA Australian Senior Secondary Curriculum

Visit table 5 in the exhibition area to meet and talk with Michael Haese, principal author and editor.

Further information about the MAWA Secondary Convention can be found here.


Haese Mathematics Presentation (years 7 – 12)

Michael Haese will be presenting on Tuesday 21st November, full description below.

Date: Tuesday 21st November
Time: Session 2 – 12:00-12:50pm
Location: Studio 2

Title: Probability Paradoxes
Probability provides us with some really lovely paradoxes which challenge our intuition as much as our subject knowledge. They are also problems with great appeal to students, providing motivation to engage with and explore mathematics further, provided we can adequately explain what is going on. In this session, I will present two classical problems of conditional probability, and show how a tree diagram and perhaps a little "trick" can be used to understand them.