Announcing Flash Card Bundles

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Haese Mathematics and SMARTPREP working together to bundle the best of mathematics, saving customers up to 18%.


SMARTPREP develops time efficient, yet high quality revision and test taking assets for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Developed by former IB Alumni Tobias Hübner and Nikolas Hammermann, their products combine the studying experience they gained as IB students, along with the educational expertise of IB teaching faculty.

The new addition to the SMARTPREP family was created as a collaboration with Haese Mathematics - SMARTPREP IB Flash Cards: Mathematics HL. This venture brings together the innovation of SMARTPREP with Haese Mathematics' experience as a dedicated mathematics publisher.

  • The flash cards cover all six topics of the official 2014 IB DP Mathematics HL Core syllabus.
  • Each sub-topic begins with a theory card highlighting important facts and concepts.
  • An entirely new set of skill builder and exam-style questions follow each summary, including worked solutions designed to prepare students for exams throughout both years of the Diploma Programme.
  • Each question is marked as Calculator or Non-Calculator.

For further information about SMARTPREP please visit their website at

The quickly approaching IB AEM Conference in Barcelona (6-8th October) will see the launch of three new bundles.

Mathematics HL Core Bundle 1

Mathematics HL Core Bundle 2

Mathematics HL Core Bundle 3