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International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme 2019

The International Baccalaureate (IB) offers a series of programmes aimed at providing an internationally recognised qualification for students around the world.

The Diploma Programme for mathematics will be changing for first teaching in August 2019. In response to that, we are developing a series of new textbooks that will align with the new curriculum.

We are currently writing to the May 2018 document release and will refine our work when the final draft of the curriculum is released in early 2019.

Six new titles will be released:

- Mathematics: Core topics SL
- Mathematics: analysis & approaches SL
- Mathematics: applications & interpretation SL

- Mathematics: Core topics HL
- Mathematics: analysis & approaches HL
- Mathematics: applications & interpretation HL

Students studying either SL or HL will use two books: ‘Mathematics: Core topics’ and ‘Mathematics: analysis & approaches’, or ‘Mathematics: Core topics’ and ‘Mathematics: applications & interpretation’.

We are choosing to write in this way so that:

- The courses can be thoroughly covered while keeping the books reasonably sized.
- All students in SL (and analogous in HL) can start together, and potentially delay making a final choice of course
- The Core Topics HL book can have less easier questions and significantly more tougher questions than its SL counterpart

Information regarding the books will be released first to those on our previews mailing list. To sign up, please email IB@haesemathematics.com


Watch a short series of videos about the new books

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Mathematics SL

These books have been written for the revised IB Diploma Programme syllabus for first teaching August 2019.

Online preview of the draft SL books is now available.  Teachers interested in viewing the draft books are invited to contact us by emailing IB@haesemathematics.com.

Mathematics HL

Coming soon!