About the Book

Aligned to our Cambridge IGCSE International Mathematics (0607) Extended (2nd Edition) textbook, the Guide covers the material in the Cambridge IGCSE International Mathematics (Extended) course by syllabus topic. For each topic, there is a theory summary highlighting the important facts and concepts, as well as an extensive set of skill practice questions.

Following the coverage of the syllabus topics, the Guide has three practice examinations. Each practice examination contains three papers:  a Paper 2, a Paper 4, and a Paper 6.

The Guide also contains additional Paper 6 practice questions. These questions have been included to give students more practice at answering the Investigation and Modelling questions they will encounter in Paper 6 of their examination.

Fully worked solutions are provided for all skill practice question sets, practice examinations, and Paper 6 practice questions.

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Cambridge International no longer endorses revision guides or exam preparation material. This text has not been through the Cambridge International endorsement process. Any references or materials related to answers, grades, papers, or examinations are based on the opinion of the author(s). The Cambridge International syllabus or curriculum framework, associated assessment guidance material, and specimen papers should always be referred to for definitive guidance. 

Year Published: 2022
Page Count: 335
Online ISBN: 978-1-925489-99-6 (9781925489996)