Snowflake Online Learning For Schools

Snowflake is our online digital platform. It has been designed as an interactive space for students and educators to view and engage with our mathematics textbooks and software.

For your students:  


  • Complete copy of the textbook
  • Access to interactive features where relevant including demonstrations, graphing package, statistics package, and games
  • Self-Tutor software
  • Printable extras including worksheets
  • Calculator instructions
  • Additional chapters of background knowledge or extension (same books only)

For schools: 


With a Snowflake institution account, you can:

  • manage, and allocate book subscriptions
  • add teachers and grant or revoke them administrative access
  • upload proof of purchase and receive access to subscriptions purchased through a bookseller
  • access advanced tools such as permitting students to access their textbook subscription offline, and authorising the transfer of subscriptions if textbooks bought by the school have been sold to students.

Buying new subscriptions:

Physical textbooks all come with a digital subscription included with duration according to the length of the course.  You can also purchase more digital subscriptions from within the institution account by credit card and have those subscriptions added immediately to your account. 

Schools who buy physical textbooks can purchase that amount of renewals at a discounted rate.  The amount available at the discounted price will reset annually on either 1 January (southern hemisphere schools) or 1 July (northern hemisphere schools).  Subscriptions for two year courses such as the IB Diploma will reset every two years.

Need help with your institution account?

Our detailed help page provides step-by-step instructions on how to use your account.  Alternatively, you can contact our friendly IT support team by emailing