About the Books

Year Published: 2014
Page Count: 1184

In place of a combined HL Options textbook, Haese Mathematics has released separate textbooks for each of the four Mathematics HL Option Topics. An additional Further Mathematics HL textbook has been published, covering FM Topics 1 and 2. This bundle contains all five of these books.

These books are published as a companion to the Mathematics HL (Core) textbook.

Each Topic has undergone a thorough review, taking into consideration syllabus changes and teacher feedback.

The new format allows for additional content to be included where necessary, creating a comprehensive resource for students studying Mathematics HL and Further Mathematics HL.

Fully worked solutions are included in the back of each book. This is ideal for students who are absent from school or studying independently. Teachers can also benefit from the additional support.

The following books are accompanied by an interactive Student CD:

  • Mathematics HL (Option): Sets, Relations and Groups

  • Mathematics HL (Option): Calculus

  • Mathematics HL (Option): Discrete Mathematics

The remaining titles instead include 27 months access via Snowflake:

  • Further Mathematics HL: Linear Algebra and Geometry

  • Mathematics HL (Option): Statistics and Probability

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