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INFINITY is our next generation test-maker. It gives you the freedom to customise questions from its database to create an infinite number of variations for everyday exercises in class, for homework, or formal tests and exams. As you change a question, the software automatically generates the corresponding fully worked solution.


  • Prepare your own exercise sheets, tests and exams in minutes.
  • Use the Generate and Duplicate buttons to change the questions to suit your particular needs.
  • When you change a question, the software automatically creates the fully worked solution (not just the answer).
  • Questions are organised by corresponding textbook chapter to allow quick selection of relevant questions.
  • Questions and solutions have been written to be consistent with the style of the textbook.
  • Can create write-on tests or workbooks by automatically allowing enough space on the page for students to write the answers.

Click here to view a short video explaining what Infinity can do.

If you’re interested in trying INFINITY, 2 sample databases are available alongside. Sample databases contain roughly 10% to 20% of the question types and have limited functionality.

We currently have INFINITY question databases for 2 of our Australian Curriculum titles and 2 of our MYP 1st edition titles. These early levels provide a taste of what's to come as we produce higher level generators to support our other Australian Curriculum, Middle Years Programme, and our IB Diploma textbooks.

INFINITY requires Microsoft Windows.

Teacher resource available only to schools via official purchase order.

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Infinity v2.0.11  Jan 2015 

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