About the Book

This book is not an ordinary textbook but one in which a number of important topics in mathematics have been selected and an abundant number of problems given which will enable students to expand and deepen their knowledge of mathematics

We would hope that students who rejoice in the challenge of a problem will find this book stimulating and motivating and that it will enable them to be better prepared, not only for mathematics competitions, but for any future course in mathematics they may take. We would also hope that teachers will encourage their students to rise beyond the security offered by prefabricated exercises and experience the creative vitality of the problems given in this book.

This book should appeal to a wide range of readers from students in schools, student teachers in training and the teachers of those students. As a supplement to a standard textbook it will act as a most valuable resource.

Year Published: 1995
Page Count: 248
ISBN: 978-0-646258-11-9 (9780646258119)